There are many phases in the process of developing social change. We have mapped our work against the social innovation process spiral to illustrate the varying stages of development on the social innovation journey!

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The lack of community readiness for climate action and the ability to respond in a productive way to government or local authority initiatives such as the forthcoming Decarbonisation Zone designation.
Today local green spaces often lack the resources, knowledge, and design expertise to be climate resilient, beautiful, and inclusive. Harnessing interdisciplinary skills across architecture, engineering, landscape design, and art practice we will engage and empower local communities to collectively reimagine, learn about, and enhance their green spaces
The lack of an accessible intermediation platform for sustainability projects makes it hard for private financiers to participate in supporting SDGs, we are working globally with partners to develop and test a model to facilitate same.
The challenge of starting a social venture can be significant, and social entrepreneurs may struggle to navigate the complex start-up process, develop a clear business model, and access funding opportunities. This can hinder their ability to make a positive impact in their communities and create sustainable ventures.
The lack of access to social capital is a significant challenge for young people, as it can limit their opportunities to build skills, gain experience, and advance in their careers. Additionally, the absence of social connections can negatively impact mental health and well-being, making it a critical issue to address.
The absence of a dedicated physical space for innovation and access to specialized resources and funding opportunities can hinder the development of new ideas and solutions, making it difficult to solve problems and create opportunities. Therefore, having a physical space for innovation is a critical need.

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