Ballymun Adapts: Ready and Resilient

Project stage: Generating ideas.

The problem: lack of community readiness for climate action and the ability to respond in a productive way to government or local authority initiatives such as the forthcoming Decarbonisation Zone designation.

Target Groups: Local community organisations including ourselves, broader community members most directly affected by climate action, local business groupings who may be affected by or agents of climate action, local government or other state agencies who will be active in the DZ programme.

Geographic Area: Ballymun

Partners (joint): Global Action Plan Ireland, Axis: Ballymun Arts & Community Resource Centre, Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun.

Solution: A series of community-led consultation processes, using art and creativity to engage people, and resulting in multi-media expressions of community spirit and action.

Funders: TBC

Impact forecasted: Significant advancement of the community in Ballymun along the ‘readiness scale’ for climate action, with a notable shift in mindset in relation to the local issues and people’s capacity to deal with them. A template for equitable climate action in an urban environment that involves examples of multi-solve approaches to climate action and social inequity.

Next step: Mobilisation if proposal accepted.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11 - Sustainable cIties and Communities
Goal 13 - Climate Action
Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals