Living Lab

Our experimental space for co-design and co-creation of citizen and community-led innovations

Your space to try and test ideas in a dynamic community

Addressing complex problems should be addressed by involving a range of stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, academia, non-profits and the public sector, to ensure successful collaboration towards shared solutions. Our living lab provides you with:

Multi-stakeholder engagement

We act as intermediaries among citizens, non-profits, business, academia and government.

Active user involvement

We engage those with the lived experience of a problem from start to finish.

Open innovation

we source ideas and suggestions from our stakeholders engaged from our community.

Multi-approach method

We use an array of approaches and tools to empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test, refine, implement and scale innovations.

Real-life setting

We enable the solution to be tested in our community, right where it is planned to be implemented.

Build communities of practice

We bring stakeholders interested in developing their learning and knowledge acquisition further, together.


Our Living Lab in practice

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