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Anne Keating

Company Secretary

Anne Keating is a Ballymun native and long-time community activist. She has been an advocate for social justice and equality in her community for many years. Anne has been involved in a number of community initiatives aimed at improving the lives of residents in Ballymun, particularly in the areas of education and youth development.

She has worked as a youth worker, a community organizer and has been involved in numerous community campaigns. Anne is a strong believer in the power of community-led change and is passionate about empowering people to take control of their own lives and communities. Her experience in community organizing and her commitment to social justice make her a valuable asset to any organization working to create positive social impact.

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Group 1142
As an advocate for “listening deeply and treading lightly,” Janene understands the importance of engaging with and understanding local communities in order to inspire and deliver effective action, movement building, and systemic change. Her experience with participatory research and co-design approaches aligns with Innovate Communities’ focus on community-driven solutions, and her passion for community storytelling underscores the importance of centering the voices and perspectives of local residents in the work of the organisation.
Group 1139
Mick Creedon is a skilled professional with experience in research, management training, and community development. As Manager of the Ballymun Job Centre, he provides job training and employment services to local residents. With his research expertise, Mick has co-authored reports on unemployment and employer attitudes towards hiring. His broad skillset makes him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to make a positive impact in their community.
Group 1140
With a proven track record of establishing successful businesses and advocating for the power of networking, his passion for start-ups and small businesses aligns with Innovate Communities’ mission to support and empower entrepreneurs. Liam brings valuable insight and expertise in economic development, business start-ups, and community building to the table.

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