Future Activators Student Testimonial

The programme has taught us several things primarily how community involvement plays a key role in the development of any project. Engaging with right stakeholders at the right time and at the right place for the right decision is crucial for development. Involving community as a prime stakeholder can provide valuable insights and feedback, leading to better decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Company Story: Shining a spotlight on social innovation in Ireland

“In a nutshell, social innovation is about creating the ideas for change and social enterprise is about the business model for social change. Often, some social innovations become social enterprises” Fiona Descoteaux, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovate Communities

Client Story: Amplify boosts sustainable spending

The support of Innovate Communities came at a pivotal moment in our journey. After the pandemic derailed our initial business, we were still figuring out our next move when we discovered the Incubate For Growth programme.

Client Story: Why Hair Together is a cut above

Innovate Communities has helped us grow as an organisation in so many ways. The one to ones with Annabelle Conway, social innovation manager at Innovate Communities have been invaluable, giving us guidance and structure throughout our journey.