Confronting Imposter Syndrome and Developing Community Innovation

On this episode of the Fitvision Podcast Mark and Fiona discuss the all too common cognitive barrier of imposter syndrome. In many cases this can be debilitating when you are trying to progress in your career but there are ways to overcome it which we identify today.

Shifting focus to reduce the critical civic challenges faced by society today (part 2/3)

Today’s challenges are comprehensive and systemic, requiring a response that reflects similar principles. A portfolio-based approach is one such response, which seeks to develop, test, learn, and scale a suite of complementary interventions that can shift complex systems by focusing on multiple intervention points. This approach is a platform for strategic learning and action, helping to understand problem dynamics and identify effective interventions over time.

How do we reverse our most entrenched challenges (part 1/3)

I am not aware of a support structure in this space that brings in the principles of system thinking and change as an outcome of a community or entrepreneurial intervention, and when interventions are provided they are often short term in their offer of support.

Episode 8: Dr. Tom Doyle, Social Innovation Manager

In the final episode of our first series, Fiona Descoteaux, CEO of Innovate Communities chats with Dr. Tom Doyle, the Social Innovation Manager of the organisation. They reflect on the different conversations with guests during the series and the big question which is about making real and necessary sustainable change within communities, solving the biggest problems.

Episode 7: Dr Lucas Olmedo, University College Cork

In this episode Fiona Descoteaux, CEO of Innovate Communities, talks Dr Lucas Olmedo a Sociologist/Researcher at University College Cork. Lucas shares his work in three critical policy areas being developed in Ireland; rural development, social enterprise and social innovation.

Episode 6: Dr Andrew Forde, Irish Government

In this episode Fiona Descoteaux, CEO of Innovate Communities, talks with the fascinating Dr Andrew Forde. Andrew talks passionately about the formative moment in his career which set him on a journey to study human rights, taking him across Europe before arriving back in Ireland to commence a prominent position in the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Episode 3: John Hannigan, CEO Circle Housing

In this episode John Hannigan, CEO of Circle Voluntary Housing Association speaks with CEO of Innovate Communities, Fiona Descoteaux about company growth, his talented and committed team and board, and together with others how they are working to alleviate the systemic housing crisis in Ireland.