Consortium Member for Ireland’s National Competence Centre for Social Innovation

Innovate Communities, along with key stakeholders in the Irish social innovation ecosystem, were invited to partake in a membership consortium to support the development of a blueprint for a Social Innovation Strategy and Action Plan. The consortium is working to achieve the following outcomes in Ireland and across EU partners;

  • Increased transnational knowledge-sharing between competency centres at EU level
  • Improved support mechanisms available for key social innovation stakeholders
  • Strengthened public policy and capacity on the national and/or transnational levels to support social innovation
  • Strengthened transnational cooperation in developing social innovations
  • Increased likelihood that social innovation projects become ‘scaling ready’
  • Improved conditions for testing, replication and/or upscaling of social innovations
  • Each country overcomes and addresses any gaps in the social innovation ecosystem.

Information can be found at;