FUTURE ACTIVATORS: Human centred system design in a Dublin town (April, 2023)

How third level students learnt and applied human centred system design in a Dublin community, and why we need to be doing more of this!

Our future architects, urban planners, engineers, sustainability experts must build their capacity to work with the community ecosystem at the centre of any change process, those that live and work in the community. Human centred innovation/design is necessary says  McKinsey, 2023 ,”even a great idea or mission can be crippled by design that doesn’t put people first. Why should human considerations—such as their needs, wants, and dreams—only come into the conversation later?”

In 2020 Innovate Communities with partners in Italy, Spain and Lithuania embarked on an ERASMUS+ project, FUTURE

The ambition of FUTURE was to look at moving architects, urban planners, engineers, and sustainability students focus from the city problem to the people experiencing the problem. People are at the heart of every complex system and they are the ones that can, and will provide us with the solutions.

So, we invite you to come and listen to our story, from 2020 to 2023 of how we, with our partners, collectively designed a capacity building programme for testing human centred system design within third level (universities) and the Dublin community of Ballymun.