3D Mapping

We have adapted 3D Mapping from Otto Sharmer’s U-Lab. We use this tool to facilitate us to develop:

  1. A shared understanding of how people fully experience the current reality of community, what they observe, think, feel and want to make happen.
  2. New perceptions on what might be the opportunities for and the blockages to creating the ideal generative community we have in mind. 
  3. A sense of what keeps the system stuck in present patterns of behaviour. 
  4. A set of questions whose answers might point to how to overcome this resistance, to identify the drivers of the change we are seeking to make. 

In doing this work we hope to build trust and clarity of purpose within a group team. To generate a feeling of possibility and will to act, to begin to formulate common principles and approaches to future tasks. It is an opportunity to step back from our individual preconceptions or assumptions about what is happening in the community and see it from a new collective perspective.